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Welcome to Mind Flex LLC.  Mind Flex LLC is a private, client centered, psychological practice and consulting firm, conveniently located in Newtown Business Commons in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  We service a wide range of clientele.  Our mission is to provide a no nonsense approach to truly changing your life by creating strategies designed to achieve your individual goals and conquer your personal challenges. 

At Mind Flex, we embody the philosopy of our practice.  We are a mindful, action oriented team of collaborative professionals who believe that wellness begins with the conscious mind.  Guided by a clear, directive approach, our clients are encouraged to think differently in the moment an actively apply what they have learned.  The key to our success lies in our relentless pursuit of a mutual commitment to change.

In today's fast-paced culture, the impact of stress at home or the workplace contributes to an average of 80% of all medical doctors' visits.  When seeking out practical, realistic solutions most people are faced with unfamiliarity and indecision.  Our goal is to provide service you can trust that focuses on the best course of action and help you or someone you love discover what behavioral health care is all about.  If change is something you have strongly considered and you are ready to engage in a structured process, call for a consultation today. 

Dr. Lee A. Picariello
Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

verified by Psychology Today