Mindful Athlete Training

The Mindful Athlete Training Series helps wit h sport-performance training for all athletes at every level. As athletic ability is more developed in today's competitive world, we emphasize training that highlights the athlete's most important balance – the mind/body connection. It's cross training for your mind in an EVER-CHANGING GAME!

What is the Mindful Athlete Training Program?

Mindful Athlete Training is a method created to help athletes to become more attentive to whatever practice or their game brings for greater efficiency and goal-directed behavior. It helps athletes increase personal capacities to achieve and maintain awareness of their game's challenges, when simply overwhelmed, or when particular stresses related to injuries, practice, or team expectations distract them.


How Does It Work?

Mindful Athlete Training (MAT) is an experiential mental skills training program that can assist athletes with their attention . It offers a powerful, integrated approach to working with daily physical, emotional and psychological stress, as well as offering powerful coping tools for dealing with pain and nagging injuries.

In this program, players can learn to come into and remain in the richness of the present moment. Focus is on bringing attention to breath, physical sensations of heart and brain, and thoughts and feelings through a variety of techniques including mindfulness and attention control training.

Stress research has shown us that it is not so much the stressor itself, but how it is perceived by the athlete and what the mind/body does in reaction to that perception that determines whether or not one experiences distress in response to a stressor.

By cultivating mindful control of their attention, athletes learn to relate to practice and game experiences with less tension and stress, allowing more space between experience and perception. With this skill, they can move from mindless reactivity to skillful response, from a sense of urgency to a calmer, inner control. Players bring a clearer attitude towards themselves and a situation, promoting less judgment and fewer reactive habits (i.e. pushing too hard or make drastic changes).

The mental approach learned through Mindful Athlete Training can help reconnect athletes with a sense of wholeness regardless of what challenges arise. They can experience greater balance in their everyday, practice lives in the face of common distractions from outside coach/parent pressure, the team, onlookers or even the media. These skills can be helpful to those athletes with personal stress, performance issues, next level transition, emotional challenges, or physical injury.

Mindful Athlete Training teaches acceptance techniques that encourage a non-judgmental review of internal dialogue,(self-talk) diaphragmatic breathing for maximized emotional regulation, (stress) daily attention exercises, and incorporates cutting-edge biosensor technology to track real-time heart and brain wave activity.

For the elite athlete, customized mental preparation training CDs are available for a further deepening of practice/game scenarios.


What are the Performance Benefits of Mindful Athlete Training?

MAT is applicable to all aspects of athletics: off-season training regimens, day-to-day practice, and game day. Athletes from every level who have engaged in this new age training have reported improvement in the following domains:

  • Improved attention
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Increased awareness
  • Heightened practice/game time focus
  • Mind-Body connection

Cost of sport-performance programs are dictated by personal or team need, length of training time, travel required .

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